Current campaign date: 5-08-317ag (see Pact Worlds Calander )

Welcome to a Brave new world, Starfinders!

flash forward thousands of years from the old sword and shield welding ways, the people of the lost world Golarion have jumped to the stars, beginning an amazing journey of space faring trade and galactic combat.  After an unknown catastrophic event known as the gap, the had forgotten a large portion of history. The people of the Oradon Galaxy all suddenly awoke with the technology to take them to space. Confused by this many people decided to push forward with the new technology and explore the stars. 

Now 317 years later, the galaxy and most importantly, the Pact Worlds are in a new ear on innovation and advancement. With the people looking to the future alliances formed throughout all of the galaxy creating a wide civilization. Lots of threats lurk in the shadows of this galaxy, consistently plotting to take down the mass infrastructure being created by the Pact worlds, and other empires in the vast. 

Out story begins in the Pact worlds; Around an interesting group of explorers who due to their own goals meet in dangerous circumstances. With the rising threat of the Azlanti Star Empire in the vast, The Pact Worlds and the galaxy as a whole is in a path to destruction. Rumors and whispers of a super weapon so strong it can destroy entire systems, come from all over. With the galaxy on the verge of doom, only true heroes can intervene and save all life as we know it. 

Starfinder: A Brave New World

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